The Social Crypto

Online Social is evolving. Facebook and Twitter have mutated into hard-to-control, politically active larger-than-nationstates echo chambers that stopped adding value to many users; or even worse, actively created hate and mistrust. At our core we humans are social animals that want to connect with people that you know and like, maybe admire, or find interesting and beneficial. We want to engage in shared experiences while laughing about a common joke, a funny meme, or a place we visited together.
The currency in our social networks is engagement. Typically this engagement is build to be easily consumed. However, this fast-foodization of online relationships has spawned an outrage culture with the power to divide nations.
Further, the revenues of today’s largest social platforms rely heavily on advertisements. We believe that this marketplace of eyeballs is inefficient and can only be profitably executed due to the sheer scale and market dominance of the established players. Worse, it has spawned a surveillance culture where our every step is tracked online to maximize ad revenue.
We aim to establish a payment layer on top of the archaical ad-driven social layer that allows content creators to earn effectively and perpetually. This allows the creators to focus on the content.