Creator Economy

The 9-5 is dead. Post-covid you are expected to be available to “quickly hop on a zoom call”, receive messages, and take over shifts 24/7. With work-from-home and the effective digital transformation of work, COVID has even effectively blurred the line between living and working. We believe that we work to live and not live to work and want to build a world where the income you generate provides you with the freedom to be able to not work whenever and wherever you want.
Minimum wage is not a survivable payment in many countries anymore and people are frequently getting used to the reality that they have to hold more than one job. The age of life-time employment where one job allows you to feed a family of four, own a house, and build generational wealth is gone. We believe that we will not have only just one job but we will have the opportunity to have multiple jobs concurrently and having a “side hustle” might become the norm. These side hustles could provide stable passive income flows if properly established.
The first generation of the Internet has given us a powerful tool to purchase goods and services online without borders and opening hours. The next generation of the Internet will give us the ability to earn, as individuals, on the Internet without borders and operating hours. This will allow us to use our knowledge and expertise to create additional stable and perpetual income streams helping us to build sustainable wealth.
Yes, the current state of the creator economy is insufficient to sustain smaller creators that can’t invest time in money to create daily content and might not have the expertise necessary to succeed to satisfy the never-ending needs of a constantly changing market.
That market is currently focused on short-lived and easy to forget content. This outrage economy has spawned click-bait and meme-discourse. We believe that creating content that has a longer life-span will generate income for much longer and aligns well with the goals of the creator economy where audiences are built to last.
Yet, in the current ad-driven state of the creator economy, earning money through content, is ineffective. The online social experience needs to change. Rewarding great content should be as easy as pressing a mouse-button.