The token

The finclout token

The finclout token is a native cardano token that represents a share of ownership in the finclout organization. Hence, the token’s main function it to represent value.
Finclout will incentivize platform participants via its reward pool. Liquidity generating events on the platform are eligible for the reward scheme. The distribution of the reward split between internal and external holders shall be governed by the DAO.
Additional rewards can be distributed through:
  • Providing platform liquidity
  • Participating in governance
  • Providing liquidty for the FINCLOUT token
Every epoch after rewards have been received, rewards will be distributed among the platform participants.

Fee Structure

finclout collects fees for certain types of operations. These fees contribute to the stakepool and am by that increasing the stakepool rewards that users can receive through their participation on the platform. By that it is actually in your interest to participate in liquidity generating events.
  • transactions and trading fees (0.25%)
  • special event ticketing fees (1.5%) -- taken from the event organizer
  • tipping, gifting, and direct requests (2.5%)
  • stakepool rewards (0.5%)
Fee distribution
  • Treasury (operational liquidity pool)
  • Stake Pools
  • Foundation