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finclout is integrating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) into its protocol functionality.


DAO’s enable community members to contribute to future improvements of finclout as active participants.
This decentralization model aims to ensure that all changes in the future timeline of finclout are understood and properly governed.
The governance model will have three distinct stages for implementing the DAO:

Stage 1 - Team only

In this stage, the team is completely in control of the project and no voting is done. This is to ensure that value-adding speed and quality to the project's users can be achieved. We are expecting that this phase ends after a successful ISPO.

Stage 2 - Community engagement model

During this period the main operational project control still remains with the project, but strategic project decisions shall be taken through off-chain voting.

Stage 3 - On-chain model

In this stage, strategic project decisions will be taken on-chain, but only for strategic project decisions

Stage 4 - Full on-chain decentralized model.

The project operates fully decentralized. All voting is done on-chain.