Problems and Solutions

The current state of investing in social media is inefficient.
Finclout aims to quiet it for the masses. Using finclout anyone gets the knowledge of a hedge-fund manager and benefit from better investing.


  • Traditional social networks are noisy and incentivize click-bait
  • Relevant information is time-consuming to find manually, but it's there
  • Historically the average retail investor performs worse than inflation
  • Retail investors suffer from trading the hype cycle
  • Access to good research is expensive

Finclout's Solution

  • Everybody is a mod. Reduce noise my inventivized content moderation and curation
  • Match content to investors through AI-driven expertise-matching
  • Learn more by participating in relevant community features
  • Understand the benefits of peer-reviewed financial clout
Users can read relevant news about their portfolio daily in a single place with an advanced UI.