Premium Content


Good content matters. Archaical social networks are flooded with largely automated and repetitive content (retweets, likes, bots) as participants fight for attention. This makes it difficult for social networks to effectively moderate their platforms. This is specifically true in the investment space but also, and probably to a larger extent, in the political arena.
While those existing social networks are built on a democratic notion where everyone can talk to everyone, this does not mirror the real world where people have to pay to get access to higher quality information or service. Examples are the Berkshire Hathaway dinner, private universities, and various forms of clubs.
While on paper the 6-degrees of separation is fantastic, the reality is that even though you might be 6-degree away from Kevin Bacon, he still wouldn’t listen to your casting pitch.

Premium Messaging

Especially popular creators and social participants like famous actors are frequently bombarded with unwanted messaging on their social media. That is a problem which has already led to suicides through cyber bullying.
On finclout it will be possible to provide premium access for the user-base of a creator to more deeply connect allowing a more effective online conversation.