Invest in the investor

Having a small to medium following (micro-influencers) does pretty much nothing to establish a creator revenue stream. One of the drivers is that these micro-influences have to compete for the attention of the general population against meme’s, political information, and pictures of cats.
If the creator is a niche key opinion leader, i.e., electric vehicles market in Thailand, it is unlikely that this creator would ever be able to generate a sizeable income stream from their expertise. By investing in this creator with in-depth the expertise would become an investable asset which with the right foresight might provide opportunities to earn.
In addition there are hidden traders who have just the right expertise to beat the market at a specific point in time. The competitive advantage of the app is to identify these hidden champions and provide them with an opportunity to further increase their revenue from a successful trade.
In this way, everyone can be a hedge-fund manager. But in order to achieve this the investor would also need the ability to assess the financial clout of such a creator.