Managed correctly, finclout will be the market leader in community sourced investment content where through the wisdom of the crowds higher quality, up-to-date, aggregated, and curated content can be sourced, providing the right context to what is going on in the world today.
Where a peer-reviewed financial “clout” provides transparency about the expertise of each creator and these creators can provide premium content to their followers. This could enable a toolchain for retail investors that could be even better to what hedge-funds are using.
We aim to become the premium next generation investing service where people openly share their ideas and trades and the tools they use and can earn money while participating in increasing the quality of the platform.
Your direct impact on the quality of the platform can help your to earn on the finclout platform.
You can do this through :
  • posting : Provide well researched content to the community. Depending on the upvotes you receive you will participate in the “pool rewards” in addition to your own diamonds.
  • curating : We will present 20 posts daily for you to curate. For each work package you will earn rewards and you can benefit in the success of successful posts
  • investing : You can buy creator coins and invest in them directly.
A we are developing a platform where information workers in the financial services space have the opportunity to use their specialized expertise to generate additional revenue and knowledge for the direly needed resurgence of retail investing.
Where participants can understand the nature of investing and build upon to earn additional stable income streams that allows them to enjoy a safe and high living standard.